This book tells the fascinating story of life in the desert as seen through the eyes of Renaldo, a Sonoran desert tortoise. Photos, drawings and Renaldo’s clear explanations help readers of all ages and backgrounds understand desert ecology.

“I am more than 80 years old,” begins Renaldo, “and I’ve lived here all my life. I want to tell you about some of the things I’ve seen.”

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kanaga diary

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Tank & Friends series: ​Perfect for kids 4 to 8

3 Tales, 4 Dogs

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Jack David, Noisiest Kid

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To improve safety for drivers and highway workers, Dr. Elbert Dysart Botts and his team developed Botts Dots. These little round markers, laid out in rows, made it easier for drivers to stay within their lanes, especially in the dark or in rainy weather, or when sleepy or distracted. This is the story of Dr. Botts and his dots.

“Julie Maxey-Allison's … easy style makes the telling of an intriguing story very readable." 
     — Larry D. Brooks, President, Del Mar Historical Society

“Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the perfectly restored Edelweiss house must wonder about its history.  
Julie does a great job of telling … how it is inextricably linked to the unique history of Del Mar. It’s a great read!” 
     — Bob Gans, President, Del Mar Foundation

Desert ecology thru the eyes of a tortoise

Who Invented That?  books

Winner of a 2018 Bronze medal,
 Military Writers Society of America
(Memoir & Biography)

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Readers of all ages will get a kick out of these stories. Each book offers a sophisticated vocabulary, a well-crafted story line, great characters, and perhaps most important, humor. A sophisticated sense of humor, expressed at an early age, is often a characteristic of gifted individuals — which makes these stories great for kids in grades K–2 who are reading (or listening) at a much higher grade level.

“… challenging but yet age- and content-appropriate” — Dr. Bob Seney, Emeritus / Gifted Studies

Perfect for kids 4 to 8!

Some inventions are such a familiar part of our everyday lives that we don't stop to think about where they came from …

Follow Tank and Topo on their neighborhood search for pups to play with. 
Includes a family guide to "Dog Park Etiquette."

“… a cheerful and realistic book about a harmonious multicultural, multigenerational family … Although diligently unpacking boxes as they move into their new home, family members are not too busy to help in the youngest child's search for the lost cookie jar. Vibrant illustrations reflect the charm and diversity of modern Latino families.” — Mara Price, award-winning author of Grandma’s Chocolate

    “… a fun upstairs, downstairs search that reveals a surprising culprit. Children will relate well to this sweet story.” — Maria de la Luz Reyes, author of How Will I Talk to Abuela? (International Latino Book Award Winner)

Meet Tank the basset hound and three more delightfully quirky canines.

Track their travels on Neighborhood Maps.

Our newest …​

Nature & Environment

Spanish language edition

Winner of a 2018 International
​Latino Book Award  

Winner of two 2018 International Latino Book Awards (Story & Pictures)

A gift of local history . . .

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The story of how the noisiest kid in the class saved the day! 

Ideal for budding artists. Read a page, make a picture, put your name on the cover to claim your fame!

Winner of a 2019 Mom's Choice Gold Award  

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​​Hound's Glenn stories

2019 San Diego Book Award
​Finalist  (Children's Nonfiction) 

Jorge and the Lost Cookie Jar
Playmates for Puppies

It’s the winter of 1937–’38. World War II is brewing. At a remote duty station on Kanaga Island, Alaska, in the middle of the Aleutian chain, eight men are engaged in a U. S. Navy mission whose aim is secret even from them. Six of the men record weather data and monitor radio communications between Japanese fishing boats. A seventh is the cook. The eighth man, the medic, Chief Pharmacist’s Mate Royse Gibson, has little to do — no one in the small contingent gets sick, no one is injured. 
     There will be no mail in or out for months. So Gibson keeps a diary in the form of letters to his wife and two young daughters, to be mailed if ever it’s possible, detailing his daily routine and his far more interesting spare-time activities on the island. 
     Then one day Gibson and the cook go seal hunting — and disappear without
a trace.

     Gibson’s letters home, finally delivered to his family months later, comprise half of Kanaga Diary. The other half of this “double memoir” is his daughter Estelle’s story of the family, struggling, eventually moving on, but keeping his memory alive.
In 1995 Estelle and her husband set out for Kanaga, to investigate her father’s disappearance and to finally say goodbye.

Winner of a 2019 International Latino Book Award 

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​​​​A double memoir …
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