Playmates for Puppies

Meet these four delightfully quirky dogs, and track their travels on Neighborhood Maps

This little book tells the fascinating story of life in the desert as seen through the eyes of Renaldo, a Sonoran desert tortoise. Photos, drawings and Renaldo’s clear explanations help readers of all ages and backgrounds understand desert ecology. “I am more than 80 years old,” begins Renaldo, “and I’ve lived here all my life. I want to tell you about some of the things I’ve seen.”

Desert ecology thru the eyes of a tortoise

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Follow Tank and Topo on their neighborhood search for pups to play with. Includes a family guide to "Dog Park Etiquette."

Perfect for kids 4 & up

Hound's Glenn Series

Jack David, Noisiest Kid

“Julie Maxey-Allison's … easy style makes the telling of an intriguing story very readable." 
     — Larry D. Brooks, President, Del Mar Historical Society

“Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the perfectly restored Edelweiss house must wonder about its history.  
Julie does a great job of telling … how it is inextricably linked to the unique history of Del Mar. It’s a great read!” 
     — Bob Gans, President, Del Mar Foundation

Read a page, make a picture, claim your fame!

3 Tales, 4 Dogs
Spanish language edition

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